Top Tips For Beginner Freebie Hunters

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The world is obsessed with freebies.  Whether we join another 1,000 people in a two-hour long queue to get our free Krispy Kreme doughnut or break a world record by asking for a lifetime free supply of nuggets from our favourite restaurant, you simply cannot underestimate the lengths that some people are willing to go in order to get their favourite freebies.  However, if you are going to join the freebie world, there are a couple of rules that you will want to follow in order to ensure that get get the most out of it.  Even if you are a veteran freebie hunter, you may still learn a few things.   

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is

At times, we are so excited about getting a hold of some favourite brands of ours for free that it can cloud our judgement sometimes.  Professor Dan Ariely says that a majority of transactions have both a downside as well as an upside, but when you can get something for free you tend to forget about the downside.  Free can give you such a big emotional charge that it can make you perceive an offer as being much more valuable than it actually is.  It basically means that you may be happy to forget about common sense when you are getting a freebie.  And given the fact that there are some companies that willing to selling your soul by giving you a tiny sample in return, you need to ensure you know exactly what you are receiving.  Be sure that the freebie sounds like it is something genuine (unfortunately you won’t be receiving any free $1,000 gift vouchers anytime in the future) and also make sure that you carefully read over the terms and conditions to make sure you understand what you are actually signing up to get.

Keep your expectations in check     

It is pretty rare to find free-sized freebie offers.  A majority of free products are delivered in small envelopes or sachets.  The main goal here is for you to be able to try a product out so that you can see if you like it well enough to buy it in the future, so you don’t waste your hard-earned money on something that you may not like.  You also shouldn’t expect to get every freebie that you apply for. Even if you claim every free sample that is out there, you probably will only get around 70% of them.  If your incoming mail feels a bit sparse, don’t get discouraged – just keep apply and pretty soon you will be flooded with freebies. To ensure that it is worth your time to apply for a freebie, read the T&Cs to find how many free samples are available along with how large the product is. 

If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it      

It is always worth it to send an email or write a letter to a company asking if they have samples for you to try.  There have also been people who have been sent money-off vouchers or big boxes full of free items when they contact businesses to tell the that they really enjoy their products.  Also, if there is something that you don’t like, then you should say that too. You will discover that companies are very happy to give out replacement freebies along with something extra if their products are not up to par.

Don’t feel guilty about it  

You don’t need to worry that your favourite companies are losing millions of pounds simply from you and I ordering a couple of free products. They, in fact, benefit a lot more than you might think they do.  For each Canada free samples that is packaged up and sent out, that is potentially a brand new customer for them.  And face it, if you are given a free product and really like, then there is a very good chance you will buy it in the future. 

Get a second email address set up

That might be the most important tip of all for anybody who wants to claim free products.  In order to avoid receiving unwanted calls and spam mail, you will want to set up a second telephone number, social media accounts, and email address – all of which you are going to need in order to claim your freebies.  Trust me on this, you will be thanking me later. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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