Musician Kevinas Jancauskas Announces New Tour Dates – New Singles, and Deluxe EP

Kevinas Jancauskas

Out of the multiple industries, one cannot deny that the swift and constant rise of the music space is something that has drawn the maximum attention of people. The music industry is a world of its own and a place that has given inception to numerous talented beings so far across the globe. To make a particular class of oneself in the same is too harsh a job, but a few rare jewels have done even that and shown their brainiac to the world. One such incredible singer, lyricist, and musical soul is Kevinas Jancauskas, a young talent whose euphonic sound has hit a chord with listeners and music lovers.

Kevinas Jancauskas, after schooling, started his own business and then shifted towards music. He always wanted to do something in the music world, but he waited for the right time due to his personal life. After getting set in multiple streams, he gives all in the music world with his singing talent. 

He is now established as a singer, for which he credits the endless support provided by his family and friends. Kevinas Jancauskas learned the basics of music on his own. He sang many songs, and it worked on music platforms like Spotify, where he is started to get real fan followers of his singing.

Today, Kevinas Jancauskas credits the city for giving him incredible opportunities in music. Today, his songs are available on several streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc. he has a portfolio of working with artists, to name a few across albums and stage shows.

He runs his own musical venture called Team Musical Aura, which creates mesmerizing Musical Pheras at weddings. 

Kevinas Jancauskas is also quite active on Spotify and YouTube channel. He mentions how he and his team came up with picture shows highlighting different social issues. 

He mentions how he loves to keep discovering music from his music gurus and become a more advanced singer and performer.

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