Thailand Central Food

Central Food

Central region food is regarded as the region with abundance. For this reason, food in the central region, therefore, the food is diverse. It makes the taste of food in the central region, not focusing on any particular flavor. It is both salty, spicy, sour and sweet, mixed with different types of food. In addition, there are often used seasonings such as spices, and coconut milk is often used as a component of food.

The highlight of food in the central region is that they are often invented. Intricately crafted, fruits and vegetables are beautifully carved. It shows uniqueness of Thai food with art and beautiful culture.

Characteristics of local Thai food in the central region

  1. Taste: Local food in Thailand, central region generally has three flavors, sour, salty, sweet, some are spicy, oily and bitter when cooked. It will have a mellow taste.
  2. Appearance shape of food in the central region. It is a fertile region. People will live happily along with the central region. It is the location of the capital city in the palace. food styling and materials beautiful food preparation when finished cooking would be appetizing.
  3. Smell and color, local food in central Thailand. The smell is delicious, for example, red curry, kaeng som. It smells like chili and it is pungent. If it is a dessert, it smells sweet.
  4. Side dishes refer to food eaten as a pair, with another food such as vermicelli with chili paste. There are many side dishes such as fresh vegetables, fried vegetables, fried potatoes, etc.

Central food cooking method

It is diverse, complex, and has many methods of cooking such as curry, soup, stir-fry, fried, spicy salad, dipping sauces such as chili sauce, simmered, etc. The food in the deck usually consists of 4 types of food, namely red curry, soup, stir-fried or fried, and chili paste. The taste of Thai food is usually spicy. Therefore, there must be salty or sour food, sweet and sour to help alleviate the spiciness, so the word “side dish or food” refers to any kind of food. Added to the main food in the deck to enhance the taste of food. In that deck, more complete, more delicious.

Tom Yum Creamy Rice with Snapper

Delicious drink menu Tom Yum with Sea Bass in Creamy Sauce. Great recipe. It’s hot and delicious. It goes well with hot steamed rice. It goes very well together. Tom Yum is a famous dish in Thailand. Probably no one has ever eaten Tom Yum. But with Tom Yum, you can use many ingredients such as the most famous would not be out of the question. Tom Yum Kung, or something else, it would be Tom Yum Snapper.

Ingredients: Jasmine rice + Sea bass Calories (Cal.): 550

Pork Green Curry with Rice

The main ingredient for cooking is coconut milk, with Thailand as a country where many coconuts are planted. Therefore, there are many dishes that use the main ingredients to cook in coconut milk. For example, with various rice dishes such as Homok, coconut milk curry with chicken, ancient coconut milk noodles Boiled cabbage in coconut milk. This does not include various Thai desserts; it uses coconut milk as the main ingredient.

Ingredients: Jasmine rice + pork green curry Calories (Cal.): 540

Fried rice with mackerel chili paste + boiled egg

Chili paste along with Thai people for a long time. Today we will come to please our customers. Love health with mackerel chili paste rice menu. Roasted chili, shallot and garlic, seasoning, stir-fried with rice, paired with boiled egg and mackerel. It goes well together. The more vegetables, the better.

Ingredients: Fried rice with chili paste + fried mackerel + boiled egg Calories (Cal.): 572

Lemongrass Chicken with Rice

Think of the menu and appetizers, or appetizer menu that never gets bored mixed with herbs like Lemongrass gives the flavor of fried chicken more delicious.

Ingredients: Jasmine rice + lemongrass fried chicken Calories (Cal.): 540

Stir Fried Sea Bass with Celery on Rice

Pour the stir-fry water on the fried fish topped with vegetables on top. The stir-fry is salty and sweet. Vegetable Onion and Ginger Onion Stir-fried soup with rice is delicious. The bottom of the Crispy Fish Skin is soft because it’s soaked in water. The fish meat is delicious, with a little sweetness and more oiliness, soy sauce to quench the spicy ginger flavor.

Ingredients: Fragrant rice + sea bass + celery + ginger Calories (Cal.): 550

Pad Thai with Fresh Shrimp

Thai food is famous. Go far to foreign countries with a variety of menus. There are many Thai restaurants popping up abroad. And there are foreigners who come to visit in Thailand, they must stop and eat. The famous food in our house, especially the Pad Thai with fresh shrimp.

Ingredients: Pad Thai + Fresh Shrimp Calorie (Cal.): 610

Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

Eating colorful fruits and vegetables will receive a variety of vitamins and minerals eye-catching colorful. It’s also a menu Delicious from many houses, that is, “Pad-Sour Sweet and Sour Pork”. This sweet and sour stir-fried dish is colorful. It is made from many fruits and vegetables as stir-fried together resulting in a mellow, delicious taste that is unique.

Ingredients: Jasmine rice + sweet and sour pork Calories (Cal.): 520

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