Prime historic landmarks in Vaughan you should never miss out on

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Vaughan in Ontario should be what would make you enjoy your stay in the region in one of the best possible manner possible. If you are wondering to find out what makes Vaughan a great option to enjoy the historic places at its best, the tips and options here should be quite useful and practical for almost all your needs.

Italian Workers Memorial

The Italian Workers Memorial is one of the most unique destinations in Vaughan and is dedicated to all Canadian workers of Italian descent who perished or were injured in work related accidents. The memorial is located in front of the Woodbridge Pool and Memorial Arena in Vaughan. The pizza like structure is a unique structure in its own right. The venue can be a good option for public events and recreational activities alike.

Stouffville Clocktower

The clock tower may appear to be just another tower in Vaughan. It does carry a historical significance. It was erected in 1967 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Canada’s confederation. In fact, the building or the tower now stands as the tallest building in this small town.

Richmond Hill 140th Anniversary Statue

The statue is obviously in honour of the 140th anniversary. It has been considered to be a great option for an excellent outdoor piece of art. The statue does stand at 14 feet high and is made from granite and bronze. The statue is designed to promote the rich culture of Richmond Hill. It stands in front to the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre and should be a great option for enjoying a wonderful experience ever.

Gooderham Building

There has been a lot written and talked about the historical building and it is indeed something that has obviously stood the test of time. It has been a great option in downtown Toronto and a perfect choice in Vaughan or surrounding regions. The building is also affectionately called affectionately known as the Flatiron. It was first built in 1830s and then was renovated subsequently. If you are a frequent traveller to Toronto or Vaughan, this one should be your favourite building ever.

The Old Shoe Factory Business Centre

The Old shoe factory was actually the actual shoe factory during the earlier part of the century. The location was known as Hewetson Shoe Company. The building is now declared as the Ontario Heritage site in 2008. You would be astonished with the architectural beauty of the building and find it offering a very decent experience ever. The building also depicts the local history.

If you are looking to visit any of those historical landmarks in and around Vaughan, make sure that you hire a decent transportation option. Going with a Vaughan limo can prove to be a great option by almost every count. The professional attitude off the service providers and the drivers, the punctuality that they stand for and a wide range of other benefits should ideally be what would provide you a great degree of excellence ever. Go with the right vehicle depending on your group size and enjoy your journey through Vaughan like never before.

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